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After this many years, we've got some interesting and fun tales to tell. Here are a few things you may not know about Strongbox West:


  • We opened our doors in 2009 in a 6,800 sqft warehouse. We now occupy a 48,000 sqft campus - still in West Midtown.

  • We’ve been flying the Jolly Roger since day one.

  • We are Atlanta’s oldest coworking space, and we’re pretty sure we are the Southeast’s biggest coworking space.

  • Even our coffee shop is a start-up. 

  • Uber launched Atlanta out of our original location in 2012.

  • We’re the first coworking space in Atlanta to bring together tech companies and makers under one roof.

  • The peeps that brought you Talent Zoo brought you Strongbox West.

  • We are majority owned by a woman.

  • This place is filled with geeks, creatives, coders, artists, makers, and freelancers. Ferris Buehler would feel right at home.

  • When we opened, there were less than 100 coworking spaces in North there are more than 30 in Atlanta alone.

  • One of our member companies is a fashion-focused incubator. Another is a coding school. #diversity

  • We hosted some of the first IOS, PHP, and ADWG meetups in Atlanta.

  • MailChimp kept an office at the original location, but they kept it really quiet - shhhhh.

  • There may or may not be a speakeasy on the property.

  • Rapper T.I. was our neighbor. Some days you could spot Lil Jon leaving as you arrived for the day or @Beyonce coming when you’re going.  @RickM and @SnoopDogg closed it down one night.

  • We are dog friendly. VERY dog friendly. No surprise, our first location is now a doggy daycare operation.

  • Coca-Cola, Turner, and many other Fortune 500 Atlanta companies have hosted off-site meetings and retreats at Strongbox.

  • The Atlanta Business Chronicle hates us. Still don’t know why. Probably because we’re not in Buckhead.

  • Our members typically focus on gaining customers and revenue before funding.

  • One of our first hires in the new building was an Art Curator.

  • Lyft also launched their Atlanta team from SBW. 

  • We’ve been solicited to host pop-up cat cafes. (Declined the offers though.) 

  • We’re not really sure what the word coworking even means anymore, and we’re a little uncertain what we are. The scientists call it evolution.

  • Football gets mad respect here. Always.

  • Some other notable alumni include: CallRail, Standard Code, Digital Additive, BLiNQ Media, Yumbii, PartPic, HUX, and Revive Your Bath. 

  • We have the best rates in town and never require a contract--unless you want one.

  • We’ve been around the world. We still Choose Atlanta. #westsidebestside

  • Members call this place the Box, and our members are called Boxers.

  • Our Hashtag is #unoffice.

  • Parking is always free here (unless you want to pay).

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